npm like package ecosystem for Prompts

Cloud-based Prompt IDE for managing the lifecycle of Prompts, deploying Prompts as Packages, and creating instant Apps powered by self-trained Micro LLMs

Promptathon 1.0
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Build 20X faster with Key components of Sugarcane AI

Sugar Factory 🏭

No-code Cloud based IDE for Prompt Developers for faster & efficient prompt engineering

  • Build and ship your prompts over APIs
  • Label and manage prompt completion datasets
  • Version and backtest prompts for better performance
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Sugar Hub 🛒

Managed Marketplace for sharing and monetising high quality GenAI assets with the ecosystem

  • Publish, share and monetise your prompt packages
  • Discover and use managed prompts in Sugar Bakery
  • Leverage Open datasets and Finetuned Micro LLMs
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What are Prompt Packages ?

What are Prompt Packages ?

A prompt package is a collection of prompt templates, dataset, and LLM configuration that can be distributed as a unit of reusable prompt or functionality in the LLM ecosystem. A prompt template is tied to a specific LLM config for high accuracy

  • Enables reusability and sharing
  • No need to develop prompts from scratch
  • Together with a Micro LLM, it can deliver exceptionally high performance.
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What are Micro LLMs ?

What are Micro LLMs ?

Micro LLMs are smaller fine tuned model build on top of 3b/7b parameters and trained for task specific prompts, which can be used to automate workflows/plugins to ensure their reliability and accuracy

  • Very High Accuracy for Task Specific Prompts
  • Low Cost for Pre finetune Prompts
  • Ulta Low Latency for response generation
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What are Sugar Cubes ?

What are Sugar Cubes ?

Sugar Cubes aka Prompt Applications are the quickest and easiest way to create and collaborate over a LLM based application. A cube can be created by just writing a Prompt without any hassle of LLM integration or code deployments

  • Create and share usable Prompts in just few clicks
  • Collect Feedaback & training data from actual users
  • Single Click Deploy and Use as an API over any Platform
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Migrate from Monolith to Micro Services Architecture

Break down your monolithic LLM app using a Microservices approach into Prompt Packages and Micro LLMs to achieve a clear separation of concerns among app developers, prompt developers, and data scientists.

  • Faster Knowledge upgradation
  • Transparent LLM upgradation for app developers
  • Reusability and collaboration across developer community
  • Decentralised Control
  • Better AI safety
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