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Framework for Open Source AI Prompt Engineering course using AI Playground & AI App

Comparison of Monolthic vs Microservices Architecture

Mono Vs Micro Architecture

Key Benefits of Microservices Framework πŸ—οΈ

Separation of Concerns & Boosted Collaboration

Microservices foster collaboration among development teams promoting clean and modular code. Separate teams can work on different services concurrently, accelerating development and innovation for top-notch AI apps.

Decoupled Flexibility

In microservices, prompts, data, and the application layer are decoupled, providing flexibility. Developers can fine-tune LLMs, manage prompts, and handle data independently, enabling rapid experimentation and innovation.

Robust Reliability, Scalability, and Maintenance

Microservices offer improved reliability, effortless scalability, and streamlined maintenance, ensuring consistent AI app performance without disruptions, regardless of app size, while allowing efficient updates and bug fixes.

Components of Microservices Framework 🧩

Micro LLMs 🧬

Prompt Packages πŸ“¦

Prompt Teamplates πŸ“‘


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