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Introduction to Sugarcane AI πŸ€–

Introduction πŸ™

Sugarcane AI is creating an open marketplace for developers to package and sell high-accuracy, npm-like programmable prompt packages.

The product is designed to address the issues of prompt accuracy and developer productivity by utilizing a microservices approach for prompt and LLM management, saving 80% of development time and server cost for LLM applications.

Focused on the creation of reusable, high-accuracy prompt packages and Micro LLMs, we offer an open-source microservices framework to empower the next 10 million LLM application developers to build prompt packages and train Micro LLMs.

We believe that a community driven package ecosystem is a long term solution for LLM application development similar to other programming languages ecosystems. πŸŽ‰

Open Source Microservices Framework for LLM Agnostic App Development πŸš€

Sugarcane AI is supported by an open-source Microservices framework for LLM-agnostic app development, allowing developers to prioritize business logic over LLM selection, cost, and performance.

With a focus on fine-tuned Language Models (LLMs), prompt management, and Workflows, Sugarcane AI encourages collaborative dataset development and enhances reusability of prompt packages and fine-tuned LLMs, facilitating sharing and monetization on an open marketplace.

Key Components of Sugarcane AI Framework

Sugar Factory 🏭

No-code Playground for Prompt Developers for faster & efficient prompt engineering
Key Features :
  • Build and ship your prompts over APIs
  • Label and manage prompt completion datasets
  • Version and backtest prompts for better performance
View Demo : Create Prompt Pacakages & Templates

Sugar Factory

Sugar Hub πŸ›’

Managed Marketplace for high quality GenAI assets
Key Features :
  • Publish, share and monetise your prompt packages
  • Discover and use managed prompts in Sugar Bakery
  • Leverage Open datasets and Finetuned Micro LLMs

Sugar Hub

Sugar Hub

Sugar Cubes 🍬 🍬

Sugar Cubes are Prompt Applications which are instantly deployable and sharable with your friends. You can create a Sugar Cube using any Prompt Package created.

View Demo : Create Sugar Cubes - One click Prompt Applications

Sugar Cube

Sugar Bakery 🍞

SDK for Application Develpers to develop cross-LLM business logic applications
Key Features :
  • Implement workflows/plugins with just a few lines of code
  • Client libraries supporting multiple languages
  • Integrate managed prompt packages from Sugar Hub

Sugar Farm 🚜

Data Assistant for Data Scientists to build Micro LLMs
Key Features :
  • Train and backtest Micro LLMs using labeled datasets
  • Version and ship Fine tuned LLMs over APIs
  • Publish fine-tuned Micro LLMs on Sugar Hub


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